creating restorative and transformational health & vitality


Our Story is a transformational journey of higher consciousness and awareness that began as two separate paths that have now become one... A path of restorative health and vitality that was born from ancient traditional wisdom and healing practices interwoven with conventional modern medicine. Our evolution, of over 28 years of exploration and study in various alternative and holistic practices of energy medicine, indigenous shamanic medicine, ancient vedic healing arts, ayurveda, herbology, sound vibration, meditation, kundalini yoga, martial arts, pilates and leading-edge conventional medical practices in nutrition, neuroscience and biology, has lead us to the creation of Aquarian Medicine® and the Aquarian Medicine Shamanic Practitioner.

We created CORE-do (whose translation is "the way of the core") as a philosophy which embodies the essential core principles of Aquarian Medicine® and Kundalini Yoga as a means to promote transformational health and vitality beyond just the absence of dis-ease.   

Integration of mind. body. spirit.

Our purpose is to offer transformational experiences that serve as a "fork-lift" for our clients, as they embark on their journey of restorative and transformational health and vitality.  We do this by offering individualized Aquarian Medicine® consults, Aquarian Shamanic Energy Medicine sessions, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes, customized weight loss programs, and professional individually designed equipment based pilates and fitness instruction.  For those who are called to immerse themselves in a transformational healing intensive journey, we offer our "Aquarian Medicine Wheel".